Power BI Training – Scheduled, Private and Self-Paced Online Courses

Power BI Training Specialists

Power BI Training - 1 Week Intensive Course

G Com Solutions Limited Microsoct PartnerG Com Solutions specialise in delivering customised Power BI training and consultancy to organisations all over the UK, as well as basic to advanced courses on other related Microsoft products such as PowerApps, Microsoft Flow and of course Excel. Our training is tailored to your needs and the experience level of your people and includes hands-on, practical exercises to reinforce the techniques being learned.

Power BI Training – Scheduled Online Courses

Like all our clients, we are having to come to terms with the Coronavirus public health threat and to adapt the way we work in response to government advice. Given the official guidelines regarding social distancing and the restriction of all but essential travel, we have now converted all of our public training courses into live, instructor-led online courses.

We run scheduled online training courses on Power BI, PowerApps and Microsoft Flow. Our courses include one week intensive Power BI and Power Platform training courses as well as a five day intensive Power BI training course aimed at preparing delegates for Power BI certification.

Our courses, which are open to anyone, are ideal for companies who only wish to have one or two delegates trained; as well as for private individuals wishing to develop their software skills and advanced their careers.

Here, delegates have the benefit of being away from the office environment and can concentrate on learning. Classes are usually small, with an average of five and a maximum of eight delegates. All trainees are given remote access to one of the computers in our training centre, making it easy for our trainers to coach them during practical exercises. Our online courses normally run from 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Upcoming Scheduled Online Training Courses

Power BI 1-Week Intensive Course for Managers & Admins

26-30 Oct 20
23-27 Nov 20

Power BI 1-Week Intensive Course for Power Users

9-13 Nov 2020
7-11 Dec 2020

Power BI Introduction

26-27 Oct 20
9-10 Nov 20
23-24 Nov 20
7-8 Dec 20

Power BI Intermediate

11 Nov 20
9 Dec 20
26-27 Oct 20

Power BI Advanced

12-13 Nov 20
10-11 Dec 20
26-27 Oct 20

Power BI Adoption and POC

28 Oct 20
25 Nov 20
12-13 Nov 20

Power BI Administration

29-30 Oct 20
26-27 Nov 20
12-13 Nov 20

Power BI MCSA Certification

16-20 Nov 20
26-27 Nov 20
12-13 Nov 20

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Fully Customised Private Online Training Courses

Closed, or private, online courses are ideal for those companies or individuals who require training which is tailored to their specific requirements.

G Com Solutions design customised and effective training solutions in partnership with our clients; which equip their people with the computer skills necessary to work more productively and effectively. By delivering our training online, we are able to save our clients money and to personalise our courses in a manner which is simply not feasible with public training courses.

Customised Power BI training courses

When running private online courses, we take a collaborative approach to training. True, our trainers know computer software inside-out; but we rely on you, our clients, to tell us what you need from that software. This insight enables us to focus on those features which will genuinely help your staff to become more productive.

Our training is always hands-on: our trainers coach delegates in the use of software, rather than simply demonstrating it. Delegates are always given numerous practical exercises to help reinforce the skills they are being taught.

To make the process of hands-on training even more effective, we recommend that you allow us to incorporate some of your organisation’s actual files as part of the training process. This way, your people can learn techniques by manipulating and creating the actual documents and content with which they will be working after their training. This approach significantly increases the effectiveness of the training and the retention of skills.