Adobe Dreamweaver Responsive Web Design (1 day – £595, plus VAT)

    This course is designed for beginners and covers: getting started; creating the site navigation; adding a hero image; working with columns; and using device preview.

    Getting Started

    Understanding How Bootstrap Works, Setting Up The Dreamweaver Workspace, Defining The Bootstrap Layout Grid

    Creating The Site Navigation

    Inserting A Navigation Bar, Editing The Links, Creating A Dropdown Menu, Styling The Navigation Bar, Adding A Background Image To The Brand

    Adding A Hero Image

    Adding A Container For The Page Content, Inserting The Hero Image, Positioning The Page Heading Over The Image

    Working With Columns

    Resizing Columns, Duplicating Columns With Placeholder Text, Using Paste Special In Live View, Clearing Columns Of Uneven Length, Creating The Feature Section, Adjusting The Layout And Styling The Feature Section, Adding More Content, Adding The Page Footer, Hiding Elements, Adding Extra Pages

    Using Device Preview

    Connecting To A Mobile Device