Adobe InCopy Introduction (1 day – £595, plus VAT)

    This course is designed for beginners and covers: the InCopy interface; InCopy editing essentials; formatting text in InCopy; useful InCopy tools; advanced text editing in InCopy; tracking changes in InCopy; working with images in InCopy; using InCopy in standalone mode; and outputting Projects from InCopy.

    The Incopy Interface

    Three Main Views Of A File, Becoming Familiar With Default Panels, Customizing The Interface, Navigating Stories And Views

    Incopy Editing Essentials

    Working With The Assignments Panel, Editing In Layout View, Editing In Story Or Galley View, Copyfitting Text, Inserting Special Characters, Importing Text, Working With Read-Only Layouts

    Formatting Text In Incopy

    Applying Styles For Copyfit, Applying Local Character Formatting, Applying Local Paragraph Formatting, Splitting And Spanning Columns, Using The Eyedropper Tool To Copy/Paste Formatting

    Useful Incopy Tools

    Checking Spelling, Using The Language Dictionaries, Using The Thesaurus, Using Find/Change, Working With The Autocorrect Feature, Building Text Macros, Using Inline Notes, Working With Built-In Scripts

    Advanced Text Editing In Incopy

    Adding Footnotes, Using Conditional Text, Creating Hyperlinks, Inserting Cross-References, Working With Tables

    Tracking Changes In Incopy

    Setting Up And Using Track Changes, Customizing The Markup, Accepting And Rejecting Changes

    Working With Images In Incopy

    Using The Position Tool, Using The Object Menu, Importing And Replacing Images, Inserting Images Into The Story, Using Mini Bridge And Bridge

    Using Incopy In Standalone Mode

    Creating New Incopy Documents, Creating Incopy Templates, Opening Linked Incopy Stories Directly, Opening Word Files In Incopy, Placing BuzzWord Files In Incopy

    Outputting Projects From Incopy

    Exporting Stories To Word, Rtf, And BuzzWord, Exporting Layouts To Pdf, Exporting Galleys And Stories To Pdf