Adobe InDesign Advanced (1 day)

    This course is suitable only for those with considerable prior experience and covers: advanced styles; longer documents; typography; drawing; special effects; interactivity; and automating workflows.

    Advanced Styles

    Combining Character And Paragraph Styles, Using Nested Styles, Using Nested Line Styles, Applying Styles With Find/Change, Working With Object Styles, Combining Table, Cell And Paragraph Styles

    Longer Documents

    Using Hierarchical Master Pages, Creating Sections, Creating A Table Of Contents, Creating An Index, Using The Book Panel, Creating A Book List, Synchronising Styles And Colours, Printing A Book List, Exporting A Book List As Pdf, Page Numbering Across Books


    Typographic Shortcuts, Using The Single Line Composer, Using The Paragraph Composer, Highlighting Composition Problems, Creating Hanging Punctuation, Manual Kerning, Using Optical Kerning, Inserting Special Characters, Creating Drop Caps, Hyphenation And Justification


    Using The Drawing Tools, Creating Freehand Shapes, Creating Bezier Curves, Manipulating Shapes, Using The Transform Palette, Aligning Objects, Using The Eye-Dropper Tool

    Special Effects

    Placing Text On A Path, Creating Drop Shadows, Working With Transparency, Exporting Transparency, Blend Modes, Feathering, Corner Effects, Creating Multi-Colour Gradients, Converting Text To Paths


    Automatically Generating Links, Generating Bookmarks, Using The Button Tool, Button Options, Choosing Events, Creating Web Links, Embedding Flash Video, Exporting Interactive Pdfs

    Automating Workflows

    Creating A Library, Creating And Editing Library Items, Sorting And Searching Libraries, Working With Snippets, Using Conditional Text, Using Data Merge, Preparing Data Files