Adobe InDesign and XML (1 day )

    This course aims to show experienced InDesign features how to incorporate XML into their workflows. Delegates will be given an introduction into XML, DTDs and XSLT as well as importing and exporting XML into and out of InDesign.


    About markup languages, What is XML, XML and SGML, How mark-up languages work, Representation of document structure, Multi-platform publishing, Modelling content with XML

    XML basics

    XML elements, The root element, Creating XML tags, Parent and child elements, Entities, PCData, and CData, Element attributes, White space, Adding comments, Well-formed XML documents


    Overview of XML validation, XML parsers, Creating DTDs, Internal and external DTDs, Element declaration, Attribute declaration, Declaring internal entities, Declaring external entities, InDesign XML basics

    Summary of XML features

    Typical workflows , Using the Tags window, Creating and editing tags, Applying tags to text frames, Applying tags to image frames , Applying tags to inline frames , Importing tags, Show Tag Markers, XML and InDesign tables, XML and images

    Importing XML

    Importing XML files, Tagging preset options , Mapping tags to style, Manually formating XML, Embedding style names in XML files, Creating repeating elements, Using XSL stylesheets

    Using DTDs

    Industry-standard DTDs, Importing DTDs, Validating documents with DTDs

    Exporting XML

    Tagging items for XML export, Selecting elements for export, Setting export options