Power BI Administration

Power BI Administration

    Our Power BI Administration training course covers the key administrative activities which can be carried within a Power BI tenant. Students will understand the implications of choices made using Power BI Tenant Settings and become familiar with the aspects of the Power BI service which are controlled by both global admins and Power BI service admins.

    Power BI Administration Training

    Power BI Administration Training Course Outline


    The Global admin role
    The Power BI service admin role
    Key aspects of Power BI administration

    Power BI licensing

    Automating license assignment

    Securing Power BI

    Azure AD Conditional Access policies
    Restricting access based on network location
    Restricting access based on device
    Using multi-factor authentication
    Tracking risky sign-ins

    Tenant Settings: Export and Sharing Settings

    Sharing content with external users
    Publish to Web
    Export Data
    Export reports as PowerPoint presentation
    Print dashboards and reports

    Tenant Settings: Content Pack Settings

    Publish content packs and apps to the entire organization
    Create template organizational content pack and apps
    Push apps to end users

    Tenant Settings: Integration Settings

    Ask questions about data using Cortana
    Use Analyze in Excel with on-premises datasets
    Use ArcGIS Maps for Power BI
    Use global search for Power BI

    Tenant Settings: Custom Visual Settings

    Enabling and disabling the use of custom visuals
    Tenant Settings: R Visual Settings
    Enabling and disabling the use of R visuals

    Tenant Settings: Audit & Usage Settings

    Overview of using audit logs
    User role and license requirements
    Granting access to non-admins
    Activating the audit logs feature
    Activities audited
    Searching audit logs by user
    Searching audit logs by date
    Using PowerShell to search audit logs
    Exporting the audit log
    Creating Power BI reports from logs
    Using the Power BI Usage Metric Solution Template

    Tenant Settings: Dashboard Settings

    Using data classification for dashboards

    Tenant Settings: Developer Settings

    Activating the Power BI Embedded API

    Embed Codes

    Monitoring embed codes used for Publish to Web

    Organizational Visuals

    Registering corporate custom visuals