Microsoft Access Introduction

    G Com Solutions Limited deliver onsite Microsoft Access Introduction all over the UK. We customize our Microsoft Access Introduction to match our client’s specific requirements.

    Microsoft Access Introduction

    Microsoft Access Introduction Outline

    Our Microsoft Access Introduction training course is designed for beginners and covers: access basics; working with tables; working with data; working with queries; creating queries; creating forms; and creating reports.

    Access Basics

    Understanding Databases, Using Database Templates, Open An Existing Database, The Access Environment, A Look At Tables, A Look At Forms, A Look At Queries, A Look At Reports, Creating A Blank Database, Setting Access Options, Using HelpOn Your Own

    Working With Tables

    Creating A Table Using Application Parts, Entering Data Into A Table, Adding New Fields To A Table, Creating A Table From Scratch, Setting A Primary Key, Changing Column Width And Row Height, Rearranging Fields, Inserting And Deleting Fields, Changing Field Properties, Designing In Datasheet View

    Working With Data

    Editing Data, Formatting Table Data, Importing Excel Data Into An Existing Table, Importing A Text File Into A New Table, Selecting And Deleting Records, Sorting Records, Finding And Replacing Data, Filtering Data By Selection, Filtering Data By Form, Using Common Filters, Hiding/Unhiding Columns, Freezing Columns, Rearranging Columns, Displaying Column Totals In A Datasheet

    Working With Queries

    Working In Query Design View, Creating A Query In Design View, Adding Fields To A Query, Removing Fields From A Query, Saving A Query, Running A Query, Adding Criteria To A Query, Specifying Multiple Criteria, Sorting Data In A Query, Moving Columns In A Query, Using The Query Wizard

    Creating Forms

    Using The Form Wizard, Entering Data Into A Form, A Look At Design View, Adding A Field To A Form, Changing Control Properties, Using Layout View, Finding Records In A Form

    Creating Reports

    Creating A Basic Report, Applying A Theme To A Report, Using The Report Wizard, Report View And Layout View, Modifying Report Setup, Printing Reports, Using The Label Wizard

    Microsoft Access Introduction Locations

    We can deliver training on Microsoft Office at your offices, anywhere in the UK, or at our training centre in Peterborough:
    Pinnacle House, 4-5 Newark Rd, Peterborough PE1 5YD