Power BI Intermediate

    This one day intermediate level course is designed for users who are already familiar with Power BI and are looking to broaden their horizons when it comes to designing reports and dashboards.

    The course delves deeper into the Query Editor and the DAX language; it discusses Excel and PowerPoint integration; and whows delegates how to use bookmarks and custom visuals to construct interactive data narratives for their audience.

    Course Outline

    Parameters and Templates

    Benefits of parameters and templates; Creating parameters; Parameter value types; Parameterizing data sources; parameterizing filters; Creating a template; Using a template

    Power Query Functions

    Converting a query to a function; Understanding function syntax; Invoking a function

    DAX Time Intelligence

    Calendar tables; Power BI Auto Date/Time feature; The TOTALYTD function; Specifying end of fiscal year;
    Calculating running totals; the SAMEPERIODLASTYEAR function; the PARALLELPERIOD function; Using the DATEADD function for maximum flexibility

    What If Parameters

    Creating a what-if parameter; Specifying limits; Referencing the parameter measure; Incorporating parameter values in your model

    Excel Integration

    Analyze in Excel; Installing Power BI Publisher for Excel; Creating pivot table reports from Power BI data sources; The importance of data types; Error – The field that you are moving cannot be placed in that PivotTable area; Pinning Excel content to a Power BI dashboard

    Custom visuals

    Overview of custom visuals; Chiclet Slicer; Timeline; Advanced Time Slicer; Hierarchy Slicer; Synoptic Panel; Waffle Chart; Percentile Chart; Box and Whisker; Histogram; Bullet Chart; KPI Indicator; GlobeMap; Table Heatmap; WordCloud

    Business narration

    Planning narratives; Self-running narratives; Interactive narratives; Using the Pulse chart visual; Using the Scroller visual; Using Narratives for Power BI; Using video clips in your visuals

    PowerPoint integration

    Constructing a narrative in PowerPoint, Using export to PowerPoint, Embedding live reports into a PowerPoint presentation

    Power BI Training 2018: Intermediate Schedule

    DateDurationCourse Title
    10/01/20181 dayPower BI Intermediate
    14/02/20181 dayPower BI Intermediate
    14/03/20181 dayPower BI Intermediate
    11/04/20181 dayPower BI Intermediate
    09/05/20181 dayPower BI Intermediate
    06/06/20181 dayPower BI Intermediate
    04/07/20181 dayPower BI Intermediate
    08/08/20181 dayPower BI Intermediate
    05/09/20181 dayPower BI Intermediate
    03/10/20181 dayPower BI Intermediate
    07/11/20181 dayPower BI Intermediate
    05/12/20181 dayPower BI Intermediate