Bootstrap 3 Responsive Web Design (2 Days – £1,190)

    This practical, hands-on course is designed for web developers with experience of HTML and CSS wishing to use the popular Bootstrap framework to create responsive, mobile-first web sites. Delegates will learn how to speed up the creation of sophisticated, responsive websites by Bootstrap styles, components, and JavaScript plug-ins.

    Getting Started

    Bootstrap overview, Setting up Bootstrap, Bootstrap required tags, The container tag, Browser compatibility

    The Bootstrap grid system

    Grid system overview, Containers, rows and column, Fluid and fixed containers, Offset columns, Nesting rows

    Mobile First Design

    Bootstrap mobile-first philosophy, Mobile and extra small devices, Tablets and small devices, Desktop and large devices

    Bootstrap navigation

    Creating a Bootstrap NavBar, NavBar Dropdowns, Creating button groups, Creating breadcrumbs, Using pagination styles

    Working with tables

    Basic Tables, Bootstrap Table Classes, Panels with Tables, Responsive Tables

    Working with Forms

    Creating a basic Bootstrap form, Creating inline Forms, Styling radio buttons and checkboxes, Validation States and styles

    Bootstrap Utilities

    Helper classes, Layout Classes, Displaying and Hiding Content, Responsive Utilities

    JavaScript components

    Creating modal windows, Creating Accordions, Using Tabs, Using Popovers