Swift iOS App Development (3 days – £1,785, plus VAT)

    This course is designed for beginners and covers: introduction; getting started; core skills; basic iOS ui; iOS application architecture; using table views; multiple-view applications; using storyboards; ipad development; using size classes; and finishing touches.


    , Welcome, What You Should Know

    Getting Started

    Installing Xcode And The Ios Sdk, Becoming A Registered Apple Developer, Joining The Ios Developer Program, Creating A Simple Ios App, The Four Pillars Of Ios App Development

    Core Skills

    Introduction To Xcode 6, Using The Model-View-Controller In Ios, Creating Basic Interaction, Using First Responders, Dismissing The Keyboard With Delegation, Exploring Delegation, Troubleshooting Ui-To-Code Connections

    Basic Ios Ui

    Working With Interface Builder, Using Auto Layout And Preview Modes, Adding And Troubleshooting Auto Layout Constraints, Using A Date Picker Control, Loading Data Into Controls, Responding To Selection, Exploring The Object Library, Using Apple’S Human Interface Guidelines

    Ios Application Architecture

    Exploring The Ios Application Life Cycle, Working With Foreground And Background Events, Understanding View Hierarchies, Introducing The Debugger

    Using Table Views

    Introduction To Table Views, Creating A Basic Table View And A Data Source, Loading A Property List Into A Table View, Reusing Table View Cells, Customizing Table Views, Customizing Table View Cells

    Multiple-View Applications

    Introduction To Multiple-View Applications, Deconstructing A Tabbed Application, Using Navigation Controllers, Deconstructing A Master/Detail App

    Using Storyboards

    Exploring Storyboards, Creating New Scenes And Segues, Introducing The Example Project, Step One: Creating The Storyboard Scenes And Segues, Step Two: Creating The Custom Classes, Step Three: Defining The Model, Step Four: Loading The Data, Step Five: Passing Objects Between Scenes

    Ipad Development

    Understanding The Differences In Ipad Development, Using The Split View Controller, Adding Modal View Controllers

    Using Size Classes

    Introducing Size Classes, Altering Views And Constraints With Size Classes

    Finishing Touches

    Adding Ios 8 App Icons