XML Introduction (2 days)

    Our in-depth XML Introduction course is designed to thoroughly familiarise web developers with the structure of XML as well as the use of DTDs and XML schema documents for validation.


    What is XML, XML and HTML, XML and web development , Creating XML tags, XML elements, The root element, Parent and child elements, Entities, PCData, and CData, Element attributes, White space, Adding comments, Well-formed XML documents

    The XML DOM

    What is the XML DOM, The Node Interface Model, Parsing the DOM, Parse errors, Manipulating XML elements, XML DOM Objects


    Overview of XML validation, XML parsers, Creating DTDs, Internal and external DTDs, Element declaration, Attribute declaration, Declaring internal entities, Declaring external entities


    When to use XML schema, Schemas and DTDs compared, Schema element and attributes, Declaring simple elements, Declaring attributes, Defining complex elements, Complex empty elements, Complex text-only elements, Mixed complex elements, String, date, numeric data types


    Overview of namespaces, The Namespace attribute, Uniform Resource Identifiers, Defining default namespaces

    XML Web Services

    Introduction to Web Services, Exchanging data with web services, Introduction to SOAP, SOAP elements, The Envelope element, The Header element, The Body element, SOAP namespaces, SOAP attributes