Adobe Acrobat Advanced (1 day – £595, plus VAT)

Suitable for delegates with a few months experience of using Acrobat Professional or who have attended an introduction to Acrobat. The course shows delegates how to use Acrobat’s multimedia features, how to create interactive forms, add security features to their PDFs, creating indexes to make PDF files searchable and automate operations by using actions.

Course Outline

Acrobat Distiller

Different ways of using Distiller, Setting Distiller job options, Resolution and compression options, Choosing settings for fonts, Security and encryption, Creating postscript files, Setting up watched folders

Acrobat Tools and security

Using PDF consultant, Acrobat digital signatures, Acrobat Self-Sign, Comparing documents, Capturing web pages, Batch processing PDF files


Acrobat and multimedia, Inserting a movie, Inserting sound, Playback options


Creating and formatting fields, Using the grid, Using the Info palette, Formatting text fields, Defining calculation fields, Drop-down lists, Radio buttons, Adding submit and reset buttons, Creating rollover effects, Replicating a button on all pages


How actions work, Benefits of using actions, Creating a new action, Editing an action, Managing actions


Benefits of indexes, Using acrobat Catalog, Defining and building an index, Automatically updating indexes, Searching in Acrobat Professional, Selecting indexes, Browsing search results