Adobe Acrobat Introduction

    G Com Solutions Limited deliver our Adobe Acrobat Introduction all over the UK. We customize our Adobe Acrobat Introduction to match our client’s specific requirements.

    Adobe Acrobat Introduction

    Adobe Acrobat Introduction Outline

    Suitable for delegates with little or no experience of using Acrobat. Delegates will learn how to create PDF documents both for printing and for online delivery. They will then learn how to enhance PDF files by adding navigation elements such as bookmarks and links as well as comments and annotations. The course also teaches techniques for manipulating PDF pages and content, and how to prepare PDF documents for different forms of distribution.

    Acrobat essentials

    What is Adobe Acrobat DC, What can Acrobat do, Menu bar and tools, Navigation panels, Moving through documents, Zooming in and out, Changing screen modes, Searching a PDF document, Essential preferences

    Creating PDF files

    Creating PDFs in Microsoft Word, Creating a PDF in PowerPoint, Creating PDFs in Adobe InDesign

    Creating PDF files in Acrobat

    Opening a file as a PDF, Creating a PDF BY Combining documents, Creating a PDF from the clipboard

    Navigation controls

    Using thumbnails, Using bookmarks, Automatically generating bookmarks, Creating articles for navigation, Creating links and buttons

    Editing PDF files

    Selecting and modifying text, Changing text attributes, Selecting and moving graphics, Resizing graphics, Inserting graphics into a page

    Modifying pages

    Moving pages around, Deleting and inserting pages, Cropping pages, Creating a watermark, Adding headers and footers


    Adding text comments, Adding graphical comments, Highlighting and marking, Exporting and importing comments, Reviewing comments

    Exporting PDFs

    Exporting to Microsoft Word, Exporting rich text, Exporting a plain text file, Exporting graphics

    Distributing PDFs

    Checking spelling, Optimising files, Sanitizing a document, Specifying how a documents will open, Using full-screen mode, Adding password protection

    Adobe Acrobat Training Location

    We can deliver training on Adobe Acrobat at your offices, anywhere in the UK, or at our training centre in Peterborough:
    Pinnacle House, 4-5 Newark Rd, Peterborough PE1 5YD