Adobe Edge Animate (2 days – £1,190, plus VAT)

This course is designed for beginners and covers: creating content in Edge Animate; preparing web assets for use in Edge Animate Projects; working with web fonts; compositing layouts; making your compositions responsive; creating animations; working with actions; the code panel; considering older web browsers and network speed; going beyond the Edge Animate interface; publishing your Edge Animate Project; and adding Edge Animate compositions to existing HTML pages.

Creating Content In Edge Animate

What Does Edge Animate Create?, Creating A New Project, Creating Colors, Gradients, And Swatches, Drawing With The Rectangle, Ellipse, And Clipping Tools, Creating And Formatting Text

Preparing Web Assets For Use In Edge Animate Projects

Creating Web Graphics From Photoshop, Creating Web Graphics From Illustrator, Encoding Html5 Audio, Encoding Html5 Video, Adding External Javascript

Working With Web Fonts

Using Fonts From Adobe Typekit, Using Fonts From Google Fonts

Compositing Layouts

Creating A Composition, Creating Complex Artwork, Naming, Grouping, And Assigning Elements, Creating Reusable Symbols, Adding Audio To Your Composition, Adding Video To Your Composition, Creating And Reusing Templates

Making Your Compositions Responsive

Setting Responsive Stage Properties, Set Element Properties For A Resizing Stage, Setting Layout Defaults For New Elements, Using Responsive Presets

Creating Animations

Animating Elements, Animating With The Toggle Pin, Setting Easing Options For Animations, Animated Clipping, Backgrounds, And Effects, Animating Elements Along A Motion Path, Creating An Animated Symbol, Combining Audio With Animation, Combining Video With Animation, Creating Animations From A Sprite-Sheet Animation

Working With Actions

What Is An Action?, Targeting Timeline Labels With Actions, Targeting Symbols With Actions, Controlling Html5 Audio With Actions, Controlling Html5 Video With Actions, Creating Article Links For Adobe Dps Magazines, Using Touchstart And Touchend Events, Using Swipe Gesture Events, Creating Your Own Custom Code Snippets

The Code Panel

The Code Window Interface, Adding Stage And Preload Events

Considering Older Web Browsers And Network Speed

Creating A Down-Level Stage For Older Browsers, Adding A Preloader Stage To Your Project

Going Beyond The Edge Animate Interface

Adding Custom Css To Your Composition, Using Self-Hosted Fonts, Creating Rollover Effects, Writing Custom Javascript For Your Composition

Publishing Your Edge Animate Project

Publishing For The Web, Publishing To An Animate Deployment Package (Oam), Publishing For Ibooks And Os X Dashboard, Customizing The Publish Directories

Adding Edge Animate Compositions To Existing Html Pages

Adding Your Responsive Composition To A Webpage, Adding Your Scaling Composition To A Webpage