Adobe Fireworks Introduction (2 days – £1,190, plus VAT)

    Fundamentals Fireworks’ role in web site creation, The Fireworks Interface , The Fireworks tools , Panels and inspectors, Using context menus , Creating a new document , Viewing documents , Fireworks’ use of symbols Text handling Using the text editor , Applying attributes and effects , Manipulating text blocks , Typographic controls , Converting text to paths , Transforming text , Attaching text to a path Working with graphics Bitmaps and vectors compared , Drawing lines and shapes , Drawing curves , Setting stroke and fill attributes , Transforming objects , Bitmaps and image edit mode, Using Live Effects, Using the selection tools , Optimising and exporting, Working with layers, Adjusting layer opacity, Layer blend modes Hotspots and slices Creating hotspots and image maps , Assigning URLs to hotspots , Slicing an image , Rectangular and polygonal , Naming slices , Adding interactivity to slices , Mixing GIF and JPEG formats , Exporting slices Buttons Fireworks’ button states , Creating buttons, Assigning URLs , Using symbols , Exporting buttons Animation How animated GIFs work , Organising frames , Working with layers, Using tweening, Setting playback options , Optimising and exporting