Adobe FrameMaker Training: Adobe FrameMaker Introduction (2 days – £1,190, plus VAT)

    G Com Solutions deliver onsite Adobe FrameMaker Training throughout the UK.

    Adobe FrameMaker is a well-established, industry standard software tool for authoring and publishing technical and complex documentation. Our two-day Introduction to FrameMaker is designed to equip beginners and inexperienced users with the skills necessary to confidently create and modify FrameMaker documents.

    Adobe FrameMaker Training

    Course Outline

    Getting started

    Exploring the document window; Setting up a workspace; Applying predefined paragraph formats; Applying predefined character formats; Writing a short memo

    Paragraph Formatting

    Creating a custom document; Displaying the Paragraph Designer; Formatting headings; Working with bullet lists; Creating numbered lists; Creating a chapter title

    Defining Colors and Character Formats

    Defining custom colors and tints; Adding color to paragraph formats; Emphasizing words and phrases; Adding color to autonumbers

    Page Layout

    Changing column layout; Displaying master pages; Numbering pages; Creating a running footer; Finishing the footers; Custom master pages; Assigning master pages to paragraph tags


    Adjusting header and footer frames for graphics; Importing a graphic; Masking part of a graphic; Copying the header graphics; Drawing lines and rectangles; Aligning multiple objects; Copying the footer graphics

    Document Editing

    Viewing the document; Turning off the display of graphics; Defining a user variable; Inserting variables; Finding and changing text; Changing a variable definition; Using the Thesaurus; Checking spelling


    Inserting a table; Filling in the table; Adding rows and columns; Rearranging information; Formatting text in table cells; Resizing columns; Changing the table format; Straddling table cells; Reusing a table format

    Customizing Tables

    Viewing a sample table; Importing text into a table; Formatting body cells; Formatting the table title; Setting basic table properties; Resizing columns; Using tabs in table cells; Defining ruling styles; Setting table ruling; Using custom ruling and shading

    Anchored Frames and Graphics

    Editing text containing anchored frames; Importing a graphic; Importing a second graphic; Anchoring graphics in the column; Using art in the margin; Creating an object style; Using inline graphics; Reusing anchored frames; Using run-in art; Creating a drop cap; Using rich media in technical documents

    Cross-References and Footnotes

    Inserting a paragraph cross-reference; Displaying the source of a cross-reference; Inserting an external cross-reference; Creating a cross-reference format; Using the new cross-reference format; Inserting a spot cross-reference; Resolving cross-references; Inserting footnotes; Changing how footnotes look

    Books and Tables of Contents

    Viewing the finished book file; Creating a book file; Adding documents to the book; Opening files from the book window; Adding a table of contents; Generating the table of contents; Setting up chapter numbering; Fixing the pagination; Changing the layout; Adding a title; Formatting the entries; Changing the contents of entries


    Adding an index to the book; Changing the layout; Adding a title; Updating the page footer; Formatting the entries; Formatting page numbers; Fixing bad line breaks; Adding index entries; Editing index entries