Adobe Illustrator

Illustrator on-site training (£595, plus VAT, per day, for up to 10 users)

Adobe Illustrator splash Adobe Illustrator has become an industry-standard and is used for producing print, multimedia and on-line graphics. It can be used to create such elements as illustrations, drawings, maps, logos, advertisements, multimedia and web navigation graphics.

Upcoming Adobe Illustrator training courses

Mon, 21 Jan 2019 – Adobe Illustrator Basic Training

Wed, 23 Jan 2019 – Adobe Illustrator for Fashion Design

Fri, 25 Jan 2019 – Adobe Illustrator Advanced Training

Basic Illustrator Training

Our introduction to Illustrator gives comprehensive coverage of the tools and techniques needed to create basic illustrations and graphics for use in publications or on web sites.

Advanced Illustrator Training

Our Advanced Illustrator course shows experienced Illustrator users how to include special effects and other advanced features in graphics and illustrations for publication and for the web.

Adobe Illustrator for Fashion Design

Our Adobe Illustrator for Fashion Design course is designed for users who know the basics of Illustrator and covers: getting started: overview of basic Illustrator tools; drawing a basic t-shirt; drawing a button-down shirt; drawing skirts; drawing a blazer; creating custom brushes; creating custom symbols; drawing pants; drawing croquis; and presenting and sharing your flats.

Drawings created in illustrator are commonly exported to desktop publishing programs such as InDesiogn to form part of a larger publication. Those who are new to this type of environment may initially find using the program a “fiddly” and sometimes frustrating operation and should allow themselves plenty of time to practice and play with the software, both before and after training.

We can offer you customised on-site training on Adobe Illustrator at . Call us on 0800 1950 502 for details… wherever you are in the UK: Norfolk, Greater Manchester, Avon, Cornwall, Buckinghamshire, Cumbria, West Midlands, North Yorkshire, Hertfordshire, Hampshire, Somerset, Bedfordshire, Merseyside, Cambridgeshire, Tyne And Wear, Humberside, West Yorkshire, West Midlands, Surrey, Nottinghamshire, Berkshire, Cleveland, Greater London, Berkshire, Lancashire, Shropshire, Somerset…