Adobe Illustrator Advanced

    Our Advanced Illustrator course shows experienced Illustrator users how to include special effects and other advanced features in graphics and illustrations for publication and for the web. The course is suitable for experienced users of Illustrator wishing to master advanced techniques.

    Drawing techniques

    Mastering the pen tool

    Creating paths with the paintbrush tool

    Using calligraphic mode

    Using variable width mode

    Radial symmetry and its uses

    Creating blends and tiles

    Effective use of layers

    Creating custom views

    Special Effects

    Masking techniques

    Transparency effects

    Blending modes

    Using the blend tool

    Creating a blend within text

    Mastering compound paths

    3-D simulation through shading

    Isometric representation of objects

    Understanding filter operations

    Creating re-usable resources

    Using pathfinder operations

    Creating text effects

    Applying envelopes

    Customising graph design

    Page Layout

    Illustrator and page layout

    Importing text

    Linking text boxes

    Mixing text and graphics

    Text wrap


    Creating web designs

    Creating slices

    Defining hyperlinks

    Creating image maps

    Pixel preview mode

    Creating Flash movies


    Printing and output options

    Preparing graphics for separation

    Optimising graphics for the web

    Exporting navigation buttons

    Exporting slices