Adobe Illustrator Introduction (1 day)

    Our Introduction to Illustrator provides users with comprehensive coverage of the tools and techniques needed to create basic illustrations and graphics for use in publications or on web sites.


    Overview of features, Illustrator’s approach to drawing, Setting stroke and fill attributes , Printing documents , Basic geometrical shapes, Drawing straight paths , Drawing curved paths , The freehand tool , Selecting and arranging objects , Editing objects

    Text handling

    Entering and editing text , Text labels and text boxes , Entering text along a path, Entering text within a path, Creating and editing text outlines

    Drawing techniques

    Creating your own patterns, Measuring and constraining, Guide objects and crop marks, Hiding and locking objects, The transformation tools, The use of compound paths, The use of masking objects, The blend tool, Working with layer, Overview of Illustrator filters

    Setting object attributes

    Defining colours, Saving colours as swatches, Spot and process colours, Setting stroke attributes, Adding arrows, Setting fill attributes, Creating gradients, Applying gradients

    Manipulating objects

    Making selections, Moving objects, Duplicating objects, Aligning objects, Changing the stacking order, Grouping and ungrouping, Locking and hiding, Graphs, Creating a graph, The graph types, Importing data, Tagging items for XML export, Selecting elements for export, Setting export options