Adobe Photoshop Advanced (1 day – £595, plus VAT)

This course is suitable only for those with considerable prior experience and covers: using type; vector tools; using filters; using channels & masks; using channels and masks; and productivity.

Using Type

Using Standard Type Tools, Setting Type Options, Creating Paragraph Type, Formatting Characters, Formatting Paragraphs, Warping Text, Using The Type Mask Tool, Adding Layer Styles, Adding Text To A PathOn Your Own

Vector Tools

Using The Shape Tools, Using The Pen Tool, Using The Path And Direct Selection Tools, Adding And Deleting Anchor Points, Using The Convert Point Tool, Using The Freeform Pen Tool, Transforming Paths, Working With The Paths Panel, Rasterizing Layers

Using Filters

Understanding Filters, Artistic Filters, Blur Filters, Brush Stroke Filters, Distort Filters, Noise Filters, Pixelate Filters, Render Filters, Sharpen Filters, Shake Reduction, Sketch Filters, Stylize Filters, Texture Filters, Using Photo Filters, Liquify Tools, Using The Vanishing Point Filter, Using The Filter Gallery, Using Smart Filters

Using Channels & Masks

Understanding Channels, Saving A Selection As A Channel, Loading A Channel As A Selection, Working With Layer Masks, Reshaping A Layer Mask, Blending Images With Layer Masks, Using Mask Commands, Using Quick Mask Mode

Using Channels And Masks


Using Actions, Batch With Actions, Using The Note Tool, Using Guides, Grids And Rulers, Using Smart Guides, Creating A Contact Sheet, Using The Batch Rename Feature, Using Image Processor, Auto-Cropping And Straightening Images, Using The History Log, Optimizing Images For The Web, Slicing Images For The Web