Adobe Premiere Introduction (2 days – £1,190)

This course is designed for those who are still new to Premiere and shows users how to import video, audio and still images and add them to the timeline; edit footage both before and after adding it to the timeline; and add transitions, titles and special effects to enhance their projects.

Basic Concepts

What is Adobe Première, Première's role in multimedia, Première and video editing, Première and desktop video, Source items handled by Première, Projects and presets, Creating a new project, Selecting a preset, The Project window, Project window options, Importing clips, Creating a sequence based on a clip, Using bins, Using workspaces

The monitor window

Working with source clips, In and out points, Navigating clips, Using markers, The timeline window, Previewing a movie, Special effects

Using the Timeline

Adding clips to a sequence, Targeting tracks, Adding and deleting tracks, Rearranging clips in a sequence, Lifting and extracting clips, Deleting clips, Using ripple delete

Motion effects

Animating a clip, Scaling a clip, Rotating a clip, Creating split screens, Transparency options


How transitions work, Preparing clips for transitions, Adding transitions to clips, Customizing transitions

Video effects

Using video effects, Using the effects panel, Animating opacity, Working with keyframes, Track mattes, Creating a garbage matte, Keying,


Introduction to title effects, Setting title properties, Using built-in styles, Creating custom styles, Superimposing titles, Creating rolling credits


Compiling the final movie, Output formats, Compression options, Exporting H.264 files, Exporting individual movie, Using Adobe Media Encoder