Microsoft Office 365 (2 days – £1,195, plus VAT)

    This course provides a comprehensive overview of Office 365, Microsoft’s cloud-based Office software, from the perspectives of both an end user and an administrator. Delegates will learn how to set up accounts and team sites; upload and share files; and manage mail, contacts, and calendars with the Outlook Web App.

    Getting Started as the Administrator

    Logging in and touring the user interface, Defining and adding users, Using email accounts for existing domains, Setting up a shared collection site, Uploading files to a team site

    Create Groups

    Create a group in admin center preview, Create a group in classic admin center, Add group members, Designate group owners

    Manage Group Details

    Edit group name and description, Delete a group, Leave a group you created, Allow users to send messages as the group

    Working with the Outlook Web App

    Touring the Outlook user interface, Reading, creating, and sending an email, Organizing mail with categories and folders, Adding and importing contacts, Creating groups for collaboration, Viewing and creating meetings in the calendar, Sharing and viewing shared calendars, Managing tasks

    Sharing and Collaboration

    Accessing and editing the team site, Sharing files on a team site, Adding files to OneDrive, Using desktop apps with Office 365

    Connecting with Colleagues

    Setting up collaboration with newsfeeds, Instant messaging, Connecting a LinkedIn account, Creating your own blog


    What is Planner and who gets it?, Tour the Planner user interface, Create a plan, Add a bucket and assign tasks, View and update progress on tasks, Use charts to view progress and adjust tasks, Communicate with team members

    Using Skype for Business

    What is Microsoft Skype for Business?, What’s new in Skype for Business Online?, Touring the Skype for Business Online interface, Setting up global preferences

    Skype for Business Meetings and Collaboration

    Finding, adding, and grouping contacts, Instant messaging in Skype for Business, Resuming a conversation, Conferencing with chat, audio, and video, Setting up an ad hoc meeting, Desktop, application, and whiteboard sharing, Using presenter controls, Recording meetings, Joining a meeting from a browser

    Integrating Skype for Business with Other Applications

    Scheduling a Skype for Business meeting in Outlook, Using Skype for Business contacts in Outlook, Sending email to Skype for Business contacts, Taking and sharing OneNote notes in Skype for Business, Connecting Skype for Business users with Skype users, Using the Skype for Business mobile app

    Getting Started with Yammer

    What is Yammer?, How Yammer is evolving, Join an existing network, Set up a new Yammer network, Explore the Yammer homepage, Use Yammer shortcut keys, Edit your Yammer profile, Set notification options, Download the Windows Desktop Notifier, Download Yammer mobile apps

    Yammer Home Feed

    Use your home feed, Follow people and topics, Like, reply, and share, Post a message, Mention a person in a post, Send a private message, Chat with a colleague, Set Online Now options, View notifications, Follow up on a conversation, Search your inbox

    Yammer Groups

    Yammer groups: The basics, View and join a group, Best practices for group participation, Praise a colleague, Poll members of a group, Add an external participant to a conversation