Microsoft Access


Microsoft’s database management system with the user-friendly, graphical interface is also a powerful business solution development platform.

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Microsoft Excel


As well as being the world’s premier spreadsheet software, Excel offers powerful tools for application development, data analysis, business reporting and self-service business intelligence.

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Microsoft Office 365

Office 365

Office 365 is Microsoft’s online subscription version of Microsoft Office, which that provides access to the latest versions of the Office applications, as well as a host of other productivity services.

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Microsoft OneNote


Microsoft OneNote is, essentially, a digital notebook offering a variety of ways of keeping a record of anything you consider important and integrating well with other Microsoft Office programs.

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Microsoft Outlook


Microsoft Outlook is an electronic mail program combined with a scheduler. It is used in combination with a mail server (such as Microsoft Exchange Server) to create a very powerful information sharing system.

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Microsoft PowerPoint


Microsoft PowerPoint is the industry-standard tool for creating business presentations for delivery on PC; or, less frequently, 35mm slides or transparencies.

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Microsoft Project


Microsoft Project is a sophisticated tool which helps users to plan projects, manage and update information about their projects, and share information regarding projects which are in progress.

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Microsoft Publisher


Microsoft Publisher is a desktop publishing program aimed at business users, rather than graphic designers. It features a wide choice of templates which fulfill typical business design requirements.

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Microsoft Visio


Microsoft Visio enables you to create a variety of different diagrams and drawings – from organizational charts and flowcharts, web site maps and network drawing to office plans, calendars and timelines.

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Microsoft Windows


Windows is the most widely-used operating system on business computers. Windows 8 and 10 have now incorporated many new features aimed at users of mobile devices.

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Microsoft Word


Microsoft Word is a word processing program, with powerful automation and collaboration features, which allows users to create both basic and complex documents containing a wide variety of content.

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