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Adobe Muse Introduction (2 days – £1,190, plus VAT)

    This course is designed for beginners and covers: core concepts; getting to know Adobe Muse; creating your site; working with pages; working with graphics; creating and formatting objects; working with text; working with color; working with hyperlinks; creating menus in Muse; working with widgets; working with HTML; working with parallax scrolling; creating mobile and tablet sites; and publishing your website.

    Core Concepts

    What Is Muse?, Exploring The Difference Between Print And Web, Understanding Web Graphics

    Getting To Know Adobe Muse

    Touring The Muse Interface, Exploring The Tools Panel, Working With Panels In Muse, Selecting Objects, Navigating A Muse Document, Understanding Plan, Design, And Preview Modes, Previewing Your Site In A Browser

    Creating Your Site

    Creating A Muse Website, Adjusting The Site Properties, Adding And Deleting Pages From Your Website, Adjusting Individual Page Properties, Creating A Favicon For Your Site

    Working With Pages

    Setting Up Master Pages, Setting Up Headers And Footers, Adjusting Browser Fill, Changing Page Attributes, Working With Guides

    Working With Graphics

    Importing Graphics Into Muse, Working With The Assets Panel, Manipulating Graphics In Muse, Round-Trip Editing With Photoshop, Embedding Graphics Into Muse, Adding Alternative Text Values, Using Images As Your Background

    Creating And Formatting Objects

    Drawing Shapes With Muse, Transforming Objects, Working With Fills And Strokes, Grouping Objects Together, Changing The Stacking Order Of Objects, Aligning Objects In Muse, Adding Effects To Objects, Creating Graphic Styles In Muse, Wrapping Text Around Objects, Creating 100-Percent-Width Objects, Pinning Objects In The Browser

    Working With Text

    Getting Text Into Muse, Formatting Your Text, Understanding Web Typography, Working With Web Fonts In Muse, Creating Paragraph And Character Styles, Creating Bulleted Lists, Using Spell Check In Muse, Exploring The Glyphs Panel

    Working With Color

    Creating Color Swatches In Muse, Creating And Adding Gradients

    Working With Hyperlinks

    Creating Hyperlinks In Muse, Working With Link Styles, Understanding Anchor Links

    Creating Menus In Muse

    Creating A Dynamic Menu In Muse, Creating A Manual Menu In Muse, Modifying The States Of Your Menu, Working With Photoshop Buttons

    Working With Widgets

    Exploring The Widgets Panel In Muse, Building An Accordion Panel, Creating A Tabbed Panel, Creating Tooltips, Working With Slideshows, Creating Forms In Muse, Working With Social Widgets

    Working With Html

    Understanding Html, Creating An Interactive Map, Working With Youtube Video Embeds

    Working With Parallax Scrolling

    What Is Parallax Scrolling?, Applying Scroll Effects In Muse

    Creating Mobile And Tablet Sites

    Creating A Mobile Website In Muse, Adding A Tablet Version Of Your Site, Adding A Mobile Version Of Your Site, Previewing Mobile Websites

    Publishing Your Website

    Exporting To Html And Css, Uploading Your Site Via Ftp, Publishing To Adobe’S Business Catalyst Platform, Updating Your Existing Website, Working With In-Browser Editing Tools