Power BI Adoption and Proof of Concept


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Our Power BI Adoption and Proof of Concept training course focuses on the stages and strategies involved in both demonstrating the viability of effectiveness of Power BI in a proof of concept and, later, in a corporate-wide adoption.

Power BI Adoption and Proof of Concept Coure Outline

Using Microsoft’s Power BI Adoption Framework

Making the Most of the Adoption Framework, Accessing the Framework Documents

Preparing Data Sources

Handling SQL Server Data, Handling Excel Files, Handling Text Files, Creating a Data Catalog, Creating a Data Dictionary

Managing Installations

Power BI Desktop, Power BI Mobile Apps, On-premises Data Gateway, Excel Add-ins

Assigning Roles

Identifying Candidates, Individual and Shared Roles, Project Management Roles, Data Roles, Power User Roles, Users and Consumers, Admin Roles

Power BI Administration

Understanding Administration Roles, Administration Overview, Understanding tenant Settings, Assigning Licenses, Administration Tools

Designing a Power BI POC

Scoping the Project, Selecting Participants, Assigning Roles, Provisioning a Power BI Tenant, Workspace Structure and Design, Dataset Design and Creation, Creating Sample Reports, Creating Sample Dashboards, App Design and Publishing, Assigning Licenses to Participants, Going Live, Monitoring Adoption

Stretching your Budget

Making the most of the Free Trial, Involving Unlicensed Users

Training Location for Scheduled Courses

Our scheduled training courses take place at the following address:
Tower Bridge Business Centre
46-48 East Smithfield
London E1W 1AW
Tel: 0800 998 9248

On-site Training

When booking on-site training, use the pricing zone map below to determine the daily rate based on the location of your organization: zone A, £795, per day; zone B, £895, per day; zone C, £995, per day.

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