Excel for Mac Advanced (1 day – £595, plus VAT)

    This course is suitable only for Mac users with considerable prior experience of using Excel and covers: importing & exporting data; importing and exporting data; formatting numbers; working with ranges; working with macros; customizing excel; data analysis tools; summarizing data; what-if data analysis; and workgroup collaboration.

    Importing & Exporting Data

    Importing External Data Into Excel, Importing Text Data Into Excel, Importing Data From A Database, Linking To Another File, Linking & Embedding Objects, Exporting Data From Excel, Publishing Worksheets & Workbooks To The Web, Creating Xml Web Queries, Creating Refreshable Web Queries

    Importing And Exporting Data

    On Your Own

    Formatting Numbers

    Creating Custom Number Formats, Using Conditional Formatting, Applying Conditional Formatting Based On Top/Bottom Rules, Applying Specialized Conditional Formatting, Creating Your Own Formatting Rules, Managing Conditional Formatting, Clearing Conditional Formatting

    Working With Ranges

    Naming A Range, Using A Named Range, Managing Range Names, Using The Vlookup Function

    Working With Macros

    Creating A Macro, Running A Macro, Editing A Macro, Saving A Workbook With Macros, Opening A Workbook With Macros, Adding A Macro To The Quick Access Toolbar

    Data Analysis Tools

    Tracing Formula Precedents, Tracing Cell Dependents, Tracing And Fixing Errors, Error Checking A Worksheet, Creating A Pivottable, Rearranging A Pivottable, Setting Pivottable Options, Formatting A Pivottable, Filtering Pivottable Data With Slicers, Filtering Pivottable Inline, Creating Custom Filters, Filtering Pivottable Data Using Timeline, Creating A Pivotchart

    Summarizing Data

    Adding Subtotals To A List, Nesting Subtotals, Applying Advanced Filters, Adding Group And Outline Criteria To Ranges, Using Data Validation, Converting Text To Columns, Previewing Data Using Quick Analysis

    What-If Data Analysis

    Using Goal Seek, Using Solver, Creating & Displaying Scenarios, Using Data TablesLab 7- On Your Own

    Workgroup Collaboration

    Locking/Unlocking Cells In A Worksheet, Protecting A Worksheet, Showing Or Hiding Formulas, Protecting A Workbook, Creating A Shared Workbook, Tracking Changes To A Workbook, Accepting And Rejecting Changes To A Workbook, Password Protecting A Workbook, Merging Copies Of Shared Workbooks, Inspecting Workbooks, Checking Document Compatibility, Checking Document Accessibility