PowerApps Training (2 Days)

Microsoft PowerApps is a technology which enables both developers and business users to build line of business (LOB) applications, with little or no coding, which can connect to a wide range of data sources.  This course of powerapps training will show delegates how  to create apps which improve business processes in their organization and can be run on any device.

powerapps training

Course Outline

Getting Started

What is Microsoft PowerApps?
PowerApp subscriptions
PowerApps data connectors
Records and tables
Canvas apps vs model-driven apps
Using the PowerApps  training Desktop Editor

Data Sources

Connecting to Excel tables
Connecting to SharePoint lists
Connecting to SQL Server
Connecting to on-premises data
Installing and configuring a data gateway

Working with Galleries

Customizing gallery layout
Customizing gallery layout
Specifying sort and search columns
Displaying a scroll bar

Forms and Cards

Edit form and display form controls
Showing and hiding forms
Adding and manipulating cards
Using pre-defined cards
Reordering cards
Unlocking cards
Modifying the Display Name property
Modifying the Data Field property
Setting the Update property
Setting the Required property

Working with Other Controls

Understanding controls and properties
Labels and text inputs
Drop downs, combo boxes and list boxes
Column charts and pie charts
The Add picture control
The Date picker control

Working with Images

Storing images
Using the Camera control
Retrieving camera data
Adjusting images

PowerApps Formulas

Control properties and formulas
Values, operators and functions
Manipulating user input
Using formulas for conditional formatting
Using formulas to perform actions

Working with Data

Retrieving and updating records
Creating records
Deleting data
Validating data

Working with GPS Signals

Retrieving the user’s location
Retrieving latitude and longitude
Storing location details
Displaying Bing maps
Displaying Google maps

Sharing Apps

Publishing an app
Sharing with individuals
Sharing with security groups
Granting co-worker permission

Working Offline

Saving local data
Retrieving local data
Making apps available offline

Power BI Integration

Overview of Power BI integration
Sharing and security
Using the Power BI tile control
Using the PowerApps custom visual
Embedding an app in a Power BI dashboard tile