Excel for Mac Intermediate (1 day – £595, plus VAT)

    This course is suitable for Mac users with prior experience of using Excel and covers: working with tables; working with charts; working with graphics; workgroup collaboration; financial & logical functions; financial and logical functions; date and time functions; and managing workbooks.

    Working With Tables

    Creating A Table, Enter Data Into A Table, Deleting Rows And Columns, Formatting A Table, Totaling Data In A Table, Sorting Data In A Table, Sorting Multiple Columns, Filtering Data Using Autofilter, Creating Custom FiltersOn Your Own

    Working With Charts

    Creating A Chart, Moving A Chart, Resizing A Chart, Changing The Layout And Style, Labeling Chart Elements, Formatting Chart Text, Formatting Chart Elements, Changing The Chart Type, Showing Or Hiding Gridlines, Customizing Axes, Creating A Pie Chart, Changing A Chart’S Source Data, Moving A Chart To A Different Worksheet, Saving A Chart Template, Filtering Chart Data, Using Sparklines, Customizing Sparklines

    Working With Graphics

    Adding Clip Art, Adding Pictures, Adding Shapes, Formatting Drawing Objects, Inserting Wordart, Inserting Smartart, Inserting An Organization Chart, Modifying An Organizational Chart, Taking A Screenshot

    Workgroup Collaboration

    E-Mailing A Workbook, Web Page Preview, Converting Worksheets Into Web Pages, Inserting Hyperlinks, Viewing And Editing Comments

    Financial & Logical Functions

    Using The If Function, Using Nested Functions, Using The Pmt Function, Using The Fv Function, Using Autocalculate

    Date And Time Functions

    Understanding Date/Time Functions, Adding A Date And A Date Interval, Subtracting Dates, Calculating Time Intervals

    Managing Workbooks

    Creating A Workbook Using A Template, Creating A New Template, Editing A Template, Showing Or Hiding Workbook Elements, Creating A Workspace, Comparing Two Workbooks Side By Side, Saving A Workbook In A Different File Format, Using Data Consolidation