Excel for Mac Introduction (1 day – £595, plus VAT)

    This course is designed for Mac users who are beginners in Excel and covers: excel basics; working with data; editing a worksheet; editing text; formatting a worksheet; page setup and printing; working with pages; formulas and functions; and modifying workbooks.
    <h3>Excel Basics</h3>
    Creating An Excel Workbook, Examining The Excel Environment, Opening An Existing Workbook, Navigating A Worksheet, Creating A New Workbook, Saving A New Workbook, Moving Between Workbooks, Setting Excel Options, Switching Between Views, Using Help, Closing A Workbook And Exiting ExceOn Your Own
    <h3>Working With Data</h3>
    Entering Text And Numbers, Entering Simple Formulas, Choosing Formula Cell References Manually, Using Autosum, Changing &amp; Deleting Data, Using Undo/Redo, Using Find And Replace, Using The Go To Command, Spell Checking Your Worksheet, Inserting Symbols
    <h3>Editing A Worksheet</h3>
    Working With Ranges, Copying And Pasting Data, Using The Office Clipboard, Cutting And Pasting Data, Copying And Moving Cells Using Drag-And-Drop, Changing Column Width, Changing Row Height, Inserting And Removing Rows And Columns, Copying Data And Formulas With Autofill, Filling In Cells Using Flash Fill
    <h3>Formatting A Worksheet</h3>
    Formatting Text, Using The Format Cells Dialog Box, Formatting Values, Using The Format Painter Button, Alignment And Text Wrapping, Merging Cells And Centering Text, Adding Cell Borders, Applying Colors And Shading To Cells, Applying Cell Styles, Hiding And Unhiding Rows And Columns, Freezing And Unfreezing Rows And Columns, Inserting And Removing Page Breaks
    <h3>Page Setup And Printing</h3>
    Adjusting Margins, Setting Page Orientation, Setting Paper Size, Defining A Print Area, Printing Worksheet Titles, Forcing A Worksheet To Fit, Inserting Headers And Footers, Printing A Worksheet
    <h3>Formulas And Functions</h3>
    Relative References, Absolute References, Mixed References, Copying Formulas, Min, Max, Count And Average Functions, The Insert Function Button
    <h3>Modifying Workbooks</h3>
    Adding And Deleting Worksheets, Copying Worksheets, Renaming Worksheets, Repositioning Worksheets, Grouping Worksheets, Changing Worksheet Tab Colors, Using 3-D Formulas &amp; References