Excel VBA Training – Level 1

    Excel VBA Training in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire

    Scheduled courses in Peterborough or £1,190, plus VAT, on-site.

    This introductory Excel VBA Training Course shows delegates how to create and customise macros and gives them a basic familiarity with the Visual Basic for Applications environment. Best practices are introduced from the outset and delegates are encouraged to learn VBA by understanding its key principles, rather than simply memorising syntax.


    Excel VBA overview, Understanding macro steps, Modifying macro steps, Calling one macro from another, Storing values in variables, Adding comments to your code, Stepping through macros, Getting help on macros

    Objects, properties and methods

    About Excel objects, Using the Object Browser , Range object, The Selection property

    The Range property

    Targetting cells, Counting the cells in a selection, Using the Offset statement, Retrieving the value of a cell, Retrieving a formula from a cell, Setting the value of cells

    Charts and drawing

    About programming charts, Assigning a range to a chart, Positioning a chart, Drawing shapes, Setting shape attributes

    Using Visual Basic

    Language structure, Using variables, Declaring variables, Scoping variables, Data types, Using constants, Using the VBA debugger

    Making decisions

    If statements, Select Case, Looping structures, Different types of loops, Manipulating arrays


    Assigning a macro to a menu, Assigning a macro to a toolbar, Assigning macros to other objects, Built-in dialogue boxes, Creating custom forms, Using the Form Editor , Using form controls