Microsoft Excel VBA Training – Level 3 (2 days – £1,190, plus VAT)

Our Excel VBA Level 3 course is designed for experienced Excel VBA developers who are familiar with working with the Excel object model.

Developing applications

Types of applications, Types of end-user, Analysing end-user needs, Planning an application, Planning the user interface

Working with events

Overview of event types, Event-handler procedures, Workbook events, Worksheet events, Chart events, UserForm events, Activate event, Save events, Change events, Focuse events, Click events

Creating Add-ins

Add-ins defined, Creating an add-in, Installing and add-in, Controlling add-ins with VBA, Add-ins collection, Add-in properties, Add-in events, Potential problems with add-ins

Customising the Ribbon

The customui Folder and File, Creating a Tab and a Group, Adding a Control to a Ribbon, Accessing the File Structure, Understanding the RELS File, Renaming an Excel File and Opening a Workbook, Using Images on Buttons, Using Microsoft Office Icons on a Ribbon, Adding Custom Icon Images to a Ribbon

Data Visualizations and Conditional Formatting

VBA Methods and Properties for Data Visualizations, Adding Data Bars to a Range, Adding Color Scales to a Range, Adding Icon Sets to a Range, Specifying an Icon Set, Specifying Ranges for Each Icon, Creating an Icon Set for a Subset of a Range, Using Two Colors of Data Bars in a Range, Using Other Conditional Formatting Methods, Formatting Cells That Are Above or Below Average, Formatting Cells in the Top 10 or Bottom 5

File manipulation

Opening a text file, Writing a text file, Importing data from a text file, Searching for text in files, Verifying if a file exists, Listing all files in a given folder

Class modules

Class modules defined, When to use class modules, Creating a class module, Property procedures, Method procedures