Microsoft Access Intermediate (1 day – £595, plus VAT)

G Com Solutions Limited deliver onsite Microsoft Access Intermediate all over the UK. We customize our Microsoft Access Intermediate to match our client’s specific requirements. If you are looking to extend your knowledge of Microsoft Access, then this may be just the course you are looking for.

Access is much more than a way to create desktop databases. It’s an easy-to-use tool for creating applications that help you run your business.

Microsoft Access Intermediate

Microsoft Access Intermediate Outline

This course is suitable for those with prior experience and covers: database relationships; working with tables; working with queries; ? working with forms; and working with reports.

Database Relationships

A Look At Relationships, Creating A One-­?To-­?One Relationship, Creating A One-­?To-­?Many Relationship, Creating A Many-­?To-­?Many Relationship, Enforcing Referential Integrity, Cascade Update Related Fields, Cascade Delete Related RecordsOn Your Own

Working With Tables

Setting Validation Rules, Formatting Fields, Indexing Fields, Requiring Data Entry, Creating An Input Mask, Creating A Lookup Field, Creating A Value List, Modifying A Value List, Creating Calculated Fields, Creating Multiple Primary Keys

Working With Queries

Creating Multi-­?Table Queries, Using Calculations In Queries, Changing Query Properties, Working With The Expression Builder, Creating A Totals Query, Creating A Parameter Query, Creating A Find Duplicates Query, Creating A Find Unmatched Records Query, Modifying Query Joins

Working With Forms

Adding Headers And Footers, Adding Controls To A Form, Moving And Sizing Controls, Creating A Calculated Control, Changing Control Properties, Changing Form Properties, Changing The Tab Order, Adding A Lookup Control, Inserting Graphics, Creating A Subform

Working With Reports

Working With Report Sections, Adding Controls To A Report, Changing A Control’S Data Source, Changing A Report’S Data Source, Sorting And Grouping Data, Changing Report Section Properties, Applying A Theme To A Report

Microsoft Access Intermediate Locations

We can deliver training on Microsoft Office at your offices, anywhere in the UK, or at our training centre in Peterborough:
Pinnacle House, 4-5 Newark Rd, Peterborough PE1 5YD