Microsoft SharePoint Advanced (Two days – £1,590, plus VAT)

    This Microsoft SharePoint Advanced training course is aimed at users and administrators with some experience of working within the SharePoint environment. The training provides practical, hands-on instruction which allows delegates to explore and understand some of SharePoint’s more complex features, concepts and techniques, such as content types, user information policies, workflows and security. At the end of this Microsoft SharePoint Advanced training, delegates will be given three months free online access to the SharePoint sites on which they worked during the course, so that they can continue practicing and learning.

    Customising lists

    Using the Import Spreadsheet app, Customizing a library, Creating a custom view, Creating a dynamic view, Working with calendar views, Viewing Exchange calendars in SharePoint, Changing settings for files and libraries, Changing settings for items and lists, Using asset libraries and rich media

    Customising document libraries

    Customizing document templates, Modify the document template for a document library, Modify the document template for a content type, Require document check out on a library, Display the check out status in a document library, Configuring documents with document IDs, Configure document ID settings, Locate the document ID on a document, Using the Find By Document ID Web Part, Configuring document sets on a site, Configuring document sets on a document library, Outlook 2013 and SharePoint, OneNote 2013 and SharePoint, Excel 2013 and SharePoint, Word 2013 and SharePoint, PowerPoint 2013 and SharePoint, InfoPath 2013 and SharePoint, Access 2013 and SharePoint, Visio 2013 and SharePoint

    Content Types

    Browsing through content types, Creating a new content type, Associating document templates with content types, Working with media, Introducing the Asset Library app, Create an asset library, Uploading and tagging media files, Organizing by using keywords and metadata, Enable Enterprise Keywords, Working with video files, Capture a thumbnail from the video, Use an image from your computer as a thumbnail, Use a picture from a web address (on the Internet) as a thumbnail, Associate related content to a video file, Using SharePoint assets in Microsoft Office, Connect an asset library to Office, Adding media to a SharePoint page, Insert an image from SharePoint, Insert video on a SharePoint page

    SharePoint Workflows

    Workflow basics, Using out-of-the-box workflows, Associating workflows with lists, Associate a workflow with a list, Associating workflows with content types, Starting workflows on documents, Checking the status of a running workflow, Creating a list workflow in SharePoint Designer, Edit an existing list workflow, Introducing Microsoft Visio integration with SharePoint workflows, Visio Visual Designer, Switching to the Visual Designer, Creating workflows in Visio 2013, Importing Visio workflows into SharePoint Designer, Creating workflows with SharePoint Designer 2013

    Using information management policies

    Introduction to information management policies, Types of information management policies, Information management policy inheritance, Accessing site content type information management policies, Accessing list information management policies, Access library-based information management policies, Creating content type retention policies on a library, Setting library or folder-based retention schedules, Create an audit policy on a site content type, Create an audit policy within a list or library, Viewing an audit report

    Working with Project Schedules

    Creating a project schedule by using a tasks list, Create a project task list, Adding tasks, Add a task to a timeline, Viewing tasks in a Gantt Chart, Configure Gantt columns, Adding multiple tasks and subtasks, Update multiple tasks in a standard view, Add subtasks, Creating a calendar list, Switch calendar views, Scheduling events on the calendar, Using the issue tracking list, Create an issue tracking list, Configure issue categories, Creating a discussion board, Participating in a discussion, Start a discussion thread, Reply to a discussion thread, Rating discussions, Mark a Best Reply to a post, Connecting a discussion to Microsoft Outlook, Synchronizing project tasks with Microsoft Project, Synchronize Project with a tasks list, Map synchronization fields

    Community portals and sites

    Creating a community site site collection, Creating a community site subsite, Adding moderators to community sites, Adding users to community sites, Sharing your community site, Joining an open community site, Managing your community settings, Working with categories, Working with badges, Assigning badges to members, Enabling site-wide reputation tracking, Viewing badges and reputation scores for a member, Creating and editing discussions, Replying to a discussion, Searching for discussions, Tracking discussions in progress, Set an alert on a discussion, Managing replies, Moderating discussions, Reviewing posts submitted for moderation

    Security within SharePoint

    Understanding SharePoint security, View site permissions, Adding people to groups, Creating groups, Granting permissions to an individual, Inherit parent permissions, Breaking permission inheritance, Granting access to lists, libraries, and individual items, Grant access to individual items, Remove a user from a group, Remove a group’s site permissions, Edit site permissions for an individual or group, View permissions on a library or list, Check permissions for an individual or group