Microsoft Outlook Introduction (1 day – £595, plus VAT)

    This course is designed for beginners and covers: outlook basics; composing & sending e-mail; composing & sending email; receiving e-mail; e-mail management; working with contacts; working with the calendar; using tasks; and working with notes.

    Outlook Basics

    Introducing Outlook, Setting Up An E-Mail Account, Examining The Outlook Screen, Using The Navigation Bar & Navigation Pane, Using Reading View, Changing Screen Magnification, Using The Ribbon, Customizing Outlook, Using Keyboard Shortcuts, Using HelpOn Your Own

    Composing & Sending E-Mail

    Creating An E-Mail Message, Checking Spelling, Using Signatures, Formatting An E-Mail Message, Using Stationery, Sending Attachments, Setting The Priority Of A Message, Request A Delivery Or Read Receipt, Inserting A Hyperlink

    Composing & Sending Email

    Receiving E-Mail

    Checking For E-Mail, Reading E-Mail, Replying To A Message, Forwarding A Message, Resend Or Recall A Message, Using The Reading Pane, Saving And Opening Attachments

    E-Mail Management

    Marking Messages As Unread, Flagging Messages, Using Categories, Arranging Messages, Deleting Messages, Working With Message Folders, Using Search Folders, Searching For Messages, Saving Messages To A File, Printing Messages, Managing Junk Mail, Using Rules, Using Quick Steps, Viewing Messages By Conversation

    Working With Contacts

    Adding A New Contact, Changing Contact Information, Assigning A Category To A Contact, Changing Contact Views, Deleting A Contact, Sending A Message To A Contact, Searching For A Contact, Creating A Contact Group, Adding A Contact Picture, Creating Contact Folders

    Working With The Calendar

    Scheduling An Appointment, Navigating The Calendar, Modifying Appointments, Setting Appointment Reminders, Scheduling A Meeting, Scheduling An Event, Scheduling A Recurring Item, Changing Calendar Options, Printing A Calendar, Working With Multiple Calendars, Working With Calendar Groups

    Using Tasks

    Creating Tasks, Using The To-Do Bar, Editing Tasks, Creating Recurring Tasks, Marking Off A Task, Changing Task Views

    Working With Notes

    Creating Notes, Reading & Modifying Notes, Color Categorizing A Note, Resizing & Deleting Notes, Printing Notes