PowerPoint for Mac Advanced (1 day – £595, plus VAT)

    This course is suitable only for Macintosh users with prior experience of PowerPoint and covers: customizing a presentation; animation techniques; working with data from other sources; managing and delivering a presentation; presenting on the web; and workgroup collaboration.

    Customizing A Presentation

    Applying A Theme To A Presentation, Modifying Theme Colors, Fonts And Effects, Creating Custom Theme Colors, Creating A Custom Theme, Adding Background Styles And Effects, Adding A Graphic To A Slide Background, Modifying A Background Image, Rearranging A Presentation In Slide Sorter View, Rearranging A Presentation In Normal View, Duplicating Slides, Deleting Slides, Working With The Slide MasterOn Your Own

    Animation Techniques

    Applying Animation Effects, Setting Effect Options, Using The Animation Painter, Using The Animation Pane, Adding Slide Transitions, Using Transition Triggers

    Working With Data From Other Sources

    Importing An Excel Document Into A Slide, Modifying An Embedded Excel Chart, Inserting A Word Document Into A Slide, Adding Audio To Slides, Adding Video To Slides, Trimming Video, Formatting Video, Exporting A Presentation To Word

    Managing And Delivering A Presentation

    Setting Up A Slide Show, Using Slide Show Navigation Tools, Creating Action Buttons, Rehearsing Timing, Using Package For Cd, Delivering A Package For Cd Presentation, Working With Embedded Fonts, Managing Files And Folders, Creating A Custom Slide Show, Using Presenter View

    Presenting On The Web

    Using Hyperlinks, Using Actions For Navigation, Saving Slides As Web Graphics, Delivering An Online Presentation

    Workgroup Collaboration

    Emailing A Presentation, Adding And Reviewing Comments, Editing And Deleting Comments, Setting A Default File Location, Password Protecting A Presentation, Inspecting Presentations, Checking Document Compatibility