Microsoft Windows 7 Introduction (1 day – £595, plus VAT)

    This course is designed for beginners and covers: basics; the fundamentals; working with folders and disks; file and folder management; working with files and folders; working with applications; customizing the taskbar and desktop; customizing the start menu and the desktop; exploring the control panel; and using internet tools.


    Operating System Basics, A Look At The Desktop, Using The Mouse, Using The Keyboard, Opening And Closing Windows, Minimizing And Maximizing Windows, Moving A Window, Resizing A Window, Switching Between Windows, Using Command Buttons, Using Menus, Using Shortcut Menus, Using The Start Menu, Using Help, Shutting Down Your Computer

    The Fundamentals

    On Your Own

    Working With Folders And Disks

    A Look At Windows Disk Organization, Working With Navigation Pane, Using The Folder Tree, Creating New Libraries, Working With The Favorites Folder, Navigating Using The Address Bar, Changing Window View, Sorting And Filtering The Contents Of A Folder, Changing Explorer Layout, Setting Folder Options, Creating A New Folder, Working With Personal Folders, Creating A Shortcut To A Folder

    File And Folder Management

    Renaming Files And Folders, Copying Files And Folders, Moving Files And Folders, Deleting Files And Folders, Restoring A Deleted File, Emptying The Recycle Bin, Searching For A File Or Folder, Saving Searches, Selecting Multiple Files And Folders, Working With File Properties, Compressing Files And Folders

    Working With Files And Folders

    Working With Applications

    Opening Applications From The Start Menu, Switching Between Programs, Opening And Closing A Document, Entering And Editing Text In Wordpad, Selecting Text, Cutting, Copying And Pasting Text, Inserting Special Characters, Formatting Text, Setting Paragraph Tabs, Saving A Document, Creating Sticky Notes, Snipping The Screen, Forcing An Application To Close

    Customizing The Taskbar And Desktop

    Moving The Taskbar, Working With Taskbar Toolbars, Setting Taskbar Properties, Adding Applications To The Taskbar, Customizing The Start Menu, Changing The Desktop Background, Changing The Desktop Theme, Changing The Theme Color, Saving A Custom Theme, Using Desktop Gadgets

    Customizing The Start Menu And The Desktop

    Exploring The Control Panel

    About The Control Panel, Modifying Date And Time Properties, Adding A Screen Saver, Setting Power Management Options, Modifying The Screen Resolution, Changing Or Removing Programs, Changing Default Programs, Changing File Type Associated With A Program, Changing Autoplay Settings, Modifying Mouse Options, Administrator Access Tools

    Using Internet Tools

    Setting Up An Internet Connection, Starting Internet Explorer, Browsing A Web Page, Creating Favorites, Organizing Favorites, Setting Internet Options, Searching The Internet, Downloading Windows Live Essentials