Word for Mac Intermediate (1 day – £595, plus VAT)

    This course is suitable for Mac users with prior Microsoft Word experience and covers: templates and styles; columns and tables; working with graphics; using mail merge; working with document sections; and workgroup collaboration.

    Templates And Styles

    Using Existing Templates, Creating A Template, Modifying A Template, Applying Quick Styles, Changing The Style Set, Creating A Style Set, Creating A New Style, Modifying A Style, Managing StylesOn Your Own

    Columns And Tables

    Creating Columns, Adding A Column Break, Modifying Column Layout, Creating A Table, Inserting Rows And Columns, Deleting Rows And Columns, Modifying Table Borders, Adjusting Column Width In A Table, Adjusting Row Height In A Table, Formatting A Table, Merging And Splitting Cells, Changing Text Orientation And Alignment, Totaling Rows And Columns, Converting Text To A Table, Sorting Data In A Table

    Working With Graphics

    Adding Clip Art, Adding A Picture From A File, Adding Shapes, Formatting Drawing Objects, Resizing And Moving Objects, Adjusting Graphics, Cropping Images, Applying Picture Styles To Images, Applying Image Effects, Inserting Wordart, Using The Background Removal Tool, Inserting Smartart, Inserting An Organization Chart, Modifying An Organization Chart, Taking A Screenshot

    Using Mail Merge

    Setting Up A Merge Letter, Selecting Recipients From A Data Source, Writing Your Letter, Previewing Your Letter, Completing The Merge, Creating A Recipient List, Merging Labels, Merging Envelopes

    Working With Document Sections

    Inserting A Section Break, Setting Section Margins And Page Orientation, Modifying Section Headers And Footers, Modifying Page Numbers In A Section Footer, Removing A Section Break

    Workgroup Collaboration

    Track Changes To A Document, Accept/Reject Changes To A Document, Compare And Merge Changes, Inserting Comments Into A Document, Web Page Preview, Saving A Document As A Web Page, Inspecting Documents, Checking Document Compatibility, Checking Document Accessibility, Password Protecting A Document