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Power BI Bookmarks and Business Narration

    The Power BI Page

    Using Narrative Page Names
    Understanding Page Size
    Creating a Page Background in PowerPoint
    Creating a Page Background in Adobe Photoshop
    Using the Dead Zone for Narration
    Using a Page Grid
    Working with Tall Pages

    Using the Bookmarks and Selection Panes

    Overview of the Selection Pane
    Overview of the Bookmarks Pane
    Using Bookmarks with Visibility
    Using Bookmarks with Filtering
    Using Bookmarks with Spotlight

    Static Narrative Elements

    Creating Narrative Titles
    Customizing the Category Label
    Adding Free Text (including Subtitles)
    Using Data Colors for Narration
    Using Axis Titles for Narration
    Using Tooltips for Narration

    Adding Narration to the Data Model

    Using the FILTER and DISTINCTCOUNT functions
    The VALUES function
    Generating Narration using DAX
    Creating Narrative Tables
    Adding Narrative Tables to the Data Model

    Interactive Narrative Techniques

    Using Slicers to Control Narration
    Creating Drill-Down Narratives
    Creating Drill-Through Narratives
    Creating Narrative Sequences

    Using Images

    Using Images in Narration
    Using Images in Slicers
    Displaying Images in Tables and Cards
    Using the ImageViewer Custom Visual
    Using Background Images
    Using Animated GIFs

    Tabbed Interface Project

    Overview of Project
    Creating UI Graphics in PowerPoint
    Importing the Tabs into Power BI
    Completing the UI Elements
    Importing the Project Data
    Importing the Narrative Table
    Creating DAX Measures
    Creating Bookmarks

    Customizing Visuals for Narration

    Using the Customize Series Option
    Creating a slope Chart
    Combining a Card and Bar Chart

    Combining PowerPoint and Power BI

    Using Export to PowerPoint
    Power BI Tiles Overview
    Using Power BI Tiles with Static Content
    Using Power BI Tiles Live Content