Power BI Training Bracknell

    Are you looking to organise a Power BI training session in Bracknell, UK? Look no further! In this article, we will explore the steps you need to take to ensure a successful training session.

    Determine the Purpose of the Training

    Power BI Training Bracknell

    Before you begin organising the training, it is critical to determine the purpose of the training. This will help you identify the kind of training that is appropriate for your team. Consider the following questions:

    – What do you want your team to learn?

    – What problems are you trying to solve with Power BI?

    – Who will be attending the training session?

    Power BI Training Bracknell

    – What is the skill level of the attendees?

    By answering these questions, you can identify the specific topics that should be covered in the training session and ensure that the content is tailored to the needs of your team.

    Choose the Right Venue

    The next step is to choose the right venue for the training session. When selecting a venue, consider the following factors:

    – Location: The venue should be easily accessible for attendees.

    – Size: The venue should be large enough to accommodate all attendees comfortably.

    – Facilities: The venue should have all the necessary facilities, such as projectors, screens, and Wi-Fi.

    – Cost: The venue should fit within your budget.

    One popular venue in Bracknell is The Coppid Beech Hotel. It offers state-of-the-art conference facilities and is conveniently located near major transportation hubs.

    Hire a Power BI Trainer

    Once you have determined the purpose of the training and chosen the right venue, the next step is to hire a Power BI trainer. When selecting a trainer, consider the following factors:

    – Experience: Look for a trainer with extensive experience in Power BI.

    – Reputation: Check the trainer’s reputation by reading reviews and testimonials from previous clients.

    – Curriculum: Ensure that the trainer’s curriculum aligns with the purpose of your training session.

    – Cost: The trainer’s fees should fit within your budget.

    One great option for a Power BI trainer in Bracknell is Wise Owl Training. They offer a range of courses, including beginner and advanced Power BI courses, and have a team of experienced trainers.

    Plan the Training Schedule

    Once you have hired a Power BI trainer, it is time to plan the training schedule. Consider the following factors:

    – Duration: Decide on the duration of the training session. It could be a one-day or multi-day session.

    – Content: Divide the training into modules and assign a duration for each module.

    – Breaks: Plan for breaks to ensure that attendees have time to rest and recharge.

    – Timing: Determine the timing of the training session. It could be a full-day session or a half-day session.

    Promote the Training Session

    To ensure that the training session is successful, you need to promote it effectively. Consider the following promotional strategies:

    – Use social media: Announce the training session on social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.

    – Email marketing: Send emails to potential attendees and those who have shown interest in the training session.

    – Word of mouth: Encourage attendees to spread the word about the training session to their colleagues and friends.

    – Advertisements: Consider placing advertisements in industry publications or websites.


    Organising a Power BI training session in Bracknell, UK, requires careful planning and execution. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can ensure that your training session is a success. Remember to determine the purpose of the training, choose the right venue, hire an experienced trainer, plan the training schedule, and promote the session effectively. Good luck!

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