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This Power BI Advanced training course is aimed at experienced Power BI users. The course delves into the M language behind the Query Editor; as well as the use of advanced DAX formulas. Delegates will also learn how to improve the user experience through the use parameter tables; how to customise the data model by including calculated tables; and how to work with advanced visuals and dashboard tiles.

Power BI Advanced Training Course Outline

The Power Query Formula Language

Using The Formula Bar; Using The Advanced Editor; Overview Of The M Language; Exploring M using #shared

Understanding Automatically Generated Code

Excel.Workbook; File.Contents; Table.TransformColumns; Table.TransformColumnTypes; Table.UnpivotColumns; Table.UnpivotOtherColumns

Creating custom functions in M

Defining a function; Defining input parameters; The goes-to operator; Defining the function body; Using optional parameters; Calling functions

Iteration Techniques

Benefit of generating lists; Generating lists of numbers; Generating lists of dates; Generating alphanumeric lists; Using the each function; Applying a function to a list of files

Advanced DAX

Using DAX Studio; Writing complex formulas; Using variables; Calculating moving averages; Calculating running totals; Percentile calculations; Creating advanced time intelligence formulas; Using multiple date tables; Working with non-standard calendars

Working with calculated tables

Creating calculated tables; DAX functions that return tables; The CALCULATETABLE function; The ADDCOLUMNS function; The SUMMARIZE function; SUMMARIZE with ROLLUP; VALUES and DISTINCT functions; The CROSSJOIN function; The TOPN function; The ROW function; Using calculated tables within the data model

Using parameter tables

What is a parameter table; When to use parameter tables; Using the HASONEVALUE function; Using the VALUES function; Creating custom slicers; Creating multiple parameter table solutions

Using ArcGIS Maps for Power BI

Overview of ArgGIS maps integration; Selecting a base map; Creating heat maps; Adding demographic layers; Searching for layers on ArgGIS online

Using R Visualizations and Datasets

Overview of R integration; Configuring R Script Options; Using the R Script editor; Creating correlation plots; Creating predictive plots; Interacting with Power BI visuals

Advanced dashboard tiles

Adding custom links to a dashboard; Using th web content widget; Using the video widget; Real-time streaming dashboard tiles

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