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This Power BI Advanced training course is aimed at experienced Power BI users. The course delves into the M language behind the Query Editor; as well as the use of advanced DAX formulas. Delegates will also learn how to improve the user experience through the use parameter tables; how to customise the data model by including calculated tables; and how to work with advanced visuals and dashboard tiles.

Power BI Advanced Training Course Outline

Data Centralization

Creating Dataflows, Gateway configuration, refreshing dataflows, Building reports from dataflows, Centralising datasets, Certifying datasets, Building reports from datasets

The Power Query Formula Language

Using The Formula Bar; Using The Advanced Editor; Overview Of The M Language; Exploring M using #shared

Understanding Automatically Generated Code

Excel.Workbook; File.Contents; Table.TransformColumns; Table.TransformColumnTypes; Table.UnpivotColumns; Table.UnpivotOtherColumns

Creating custom functions in M

Defining a function; Defining input parameters; The goes-to operator; Defining the function body; Using optional parameters; Calling functions

Iteration Techniques

Benefit of generating lists; Generating lists of numbers; Generating lists of dates; Generating alphanumeric lists; Using the each function; Applying a function to a list of files

Advanced DAX

Using DAX Studio; Writing complex formulas; Using variables; Calculating moving averages; Calculating running totals; Percentile calculations; Creating advanced time intelligence formulas; Using multiple date tables; Working with non-standard calendars

Working with calculated tables

Creating calculated tables; DAX functions that return tables; The CALCULATETABLE function; The ADDCOLUMNS function; The SUMMARIZE function; SUMMARIZE with ROLLUP; VALUES and DISTINCT functions; The CROSSJOIN function; The TOPN function; The ROW function; Using calculated tables within the data model

Using parameter tables

What is a parameter table; When to use parameter tables; Using the HASONEVALUE function; Using the VALUES function; Creating custom slicers; Creating multiple parameter table solutions

Advanced Data Modelling and Visualization

Working with multiple fact tables, Using active and inactive relationships, Using the USERELATIONSHIP function, Creating dynamic visual properties, Using BLANK() to make visibility dynamic

Advanced dashboard tiles

Adding custom links to a dashboard; Using the web content widget; Using the video widget; Real-time streaming dashboard tiles, Power Automation and PowerApps integration

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